AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance in Joplin, MO and the surrounding areas.
Comprehensive Annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Air conditioning problems can come up at nearly any time, and that could spell trouble if you’re in the middle of a hot summer day. Over time, age combined with wear and tear can cause various components of your air conditioner to start to wear out, and the strain of daily use can cause them to eventually fail and need repaired. All the while, your air conditioner continues to burn through more and more energy in order to keep up with your temperature needs. However, the good news is there’s a way you can easily halt these trends and avoid the hassle of an air conditioning problem a  maintenance or tune-up service like the ones offered at Schnelle Heating and Cooling!

Schedule an annual maintenance service in Joplin, MO and the surrounding areas, for your air conditioner by Schnelle Heating and Cooling.

Benefits of AC Maintenance Service

Why should you regularly maintain your air conditioner? The benefits of doing so are immense, and not doing so could actually hurt you in the long run. Think of your air conditioner like you would a car: you wouldn’t drive for years on end without changing your oil, right? Well continuing to rely on your air conditioner without regular maintenance service is only setting your system up to run worse and to fail far before it would otherwise.

5 Ways AC Maintenance Saves You Money

• Better reliability: Your air conditioner will have a significantly reduced chance of breaking down, which means no expensive repairs and better peace of mind. Not only will your unit break down less, but since a lot of breakdowns get worse over time they'll be less severe as well.

• Better longevity: Regular visits from our Joplin AC maintenance experts helps you keep your air conditioner running for longer and extends its overall lifespan for several additional years. Not only will this see to it that you get the most of your system, but how much you save off installation costs really adds up over the long run.

• Better energy efficiency: When all parts of your air conditioner are clean and working as they should, you’ll save money on your energy bills because your unit will require the optimal amount of electricity to properly cool. All HVAC units lose some efficiency over time, so just get your unit checked regularly by a trained professional.

• Warranty adherence: If you have recently purchased a new air conditioner, warranties often require annual maintenance in order to remain valid. Make sure to read the fine print in your warranty carefully and feel free to ask our AC maintenance experts if you have any questions.

• More predictable spending: If you want to know what you'll be spending on your HVAC ahead of time so you can plan and budget accordingly, contact our Joplin AC maintenance specialists right away. Emergency repairs can add up and since you don't see them coming, they'll eat into your savings.

What do all of these benefits mean? They mean you’ll save a bundle. With the added protection of a valid warranty preventing you from paying for expensive repairs plus a greatly reduced energy cost, you could save hundreds over the course of a single summer. That means more money in your pocket and more comfort when you need it.

Offering Expert AC Maintenance in Joplin, MO & surrounding areas.

At Schnelle Heating and Cooling, our comprehensive maintenance services are designed to ensure your air conditioner runs at its best all summer long..

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