Inline Ventilator

The EnviroWise™ QF130V inline ventilator offers homeowners a cost effective mechanical fresh air solution that controls humidity and temperature. The QF130V has a full ECM motor (an industry first) that makes installation fast and easy, with no balancing dampers required. The ECM motor allows for adjustable airflow to meet the ventilation requirements for homes up to 3500 sq. ft. The installer dials in the quantity (CFM) of fresh air needed and sets the desired limits for outside humidity and temperature, and the QF130V is ready. A 24V relay is included with the unit and allows the flexibility of controlling the QF130V from the wall mounted thermostat.


62.2 Compliant Ventilation
Full ECM Motor with Intelligent Logic Controller
Adjustable airflow from 40 to 130 cfm to meet ventilation codes for all size homes.
24V functionality from a Nexia Enabled wall control, or use the on-board controller for “set-it and forget-installation
MERV 8 filter included for improved IAQ